JUUL Pods (sometimes referred to as JUULpods) are the proprietary refills for the world famous JUUL C1 & JUUL Starter Kit. Launched in 2018 in the UK, JUUL and JUUL pods are the vaping product of choice among a large percentage of the American vape market. Since being introduced to the UK these easy to use pods and accompanying kit are creating a stir, with good reason! where to buy juul pods ?


The pioneers at JUUL designed these pods with accessibility in mind. Many will know that some kits are a little trickier to refill, and it’s not always convenient to do so. JUUL pods come pre-filled with e-liquid and are designed to be really easy to use with absolutely no mess. The pods can be slotted directly onto your JUUL Starter Kit and are ready to vape in seconds due to the integrated mouthpiece on every pod. Also buy weed online , marijuana for sale, weed for sale and also buy THC vape carts online. The interchangeable nature of the pods means there is no flavour residue from a previously used flavour, as can happen with classic vape tanks. Roughly the size of a memory card or USB stick, pods are small enough to fit in your pocket or bag which make this product a great choice for those who are often on the go. Also, other licensed online stores have guns for sale , firearms for sale, buy Ammunition online, glock for salewockhardt lean, promethazine with codeine, painkiller, xanax 2mg and wocklean purple syrup.


The JUUL range features seven unique flavours: JUUL Glacier Mint, JUUL Golden Tobacco, JUUL Pod Menthol, JUUL Pod Classic TobaccoJUUL Pod Vanilla 4 Pod Pack, JUUL Pod Mango , JUUL Pod Creme Brûlée 4 Pod Pack, Nectar, Royal Creme* and Juul Alpine Berry. JUUL cartridges were designed with all different tastes in mind and are all made with quality ingredients to bring out their distinct individual flavours.

Each sold pack comes with four pods of the same flavour. Buy wocklean syrup. It can be tricky to decide which flavour would be to your taste, so the starter kit includes four different flavours for you to try, allowing you to select your favourite with confidence. 

*Royal Creme JUULPods will have been discontinued and will soon be unavailable to buy.


Each JUUL pod contains 0.7ml of e-liquid, with a total of 18mg (1.8%) nicotine or a lower nicotine 9mg (0.9%) strength. Each pod contains enough liquid for roughly 200 puffs, depending on draw length. JUUL Pods use nicotine salts instead of free-based nicotine, which provides a stronger nicotine hit similar to smoking a cigarette. JUUL pods were updated in June 2019 to offer a more consistent and reliable vape. The newpods also offer stronger flavour and little more vapour! 


The popular MyBlu Pods range is a definite competitor for the JUUL, but what’s the difference? MyBlu pods come in packs of 2 and are also suitable for vapers who are looking to try e-liquids with less nicotine content, as pods can be purchased in 18mg or 9mg depending on preference. They are also available in standard (freebase) blends, while JUUL pods are exclusively nicotine salts – or JUULSalts.  JUUL pods come in packs of five and are currently available in 6 different flavours, but watch this space – any new JUUL flavours will be available to buy here. JUUL Pods near me are also now available in 18mg or 9mg strengths, perfect for those who are looking to gradually ease off of nicotine entirely!


If you’re looking for JUUL Pods in the UK, U.S.A , Australia you’re in the right place. Discover the entire JUUL range online at Vape Pods Center, and enjoy discreet delivery when you spend $200 or more. Looking for pods in the USA? Visit our American site for JUUL Pods in the USA!

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